This is a fun YouTube video about a new business that promises to keep you in blades forever, starting at $1/month. If you dig deeper, the deal’s not so sweet though. Thanks to J-D for the find.

Watching the video I thought for sure this guy was selling DE blades. But he’s not; they’re likely some knock-off multi-blade cartridges from China or India. That doesn’t mean they’re not good BTW; India and Pakistan make some very fine DE blades. But for the $1/month deal you have to pay shipping and handling, which will for sure drive the cost way up. And it’s not a great deal anyway, the $9/month super-blade gets you 3 cartridges – but top-line Gillette or Schick blades sell for about $4.50 a piece and last about a month, so not sure where the bargain is? Check out the web site, here.

What I do find interesting is the use of YouTube as a low-cost marketing tool.