The first shipments of the Fuji X Pro1 are just heading out to the dealers. I had placed an order for one as soon as I saw the specs and first pictures. Our dealer, Jean at Camtec photo, informed Mr. Italo that he had received a store demo model and we were welcome to drop by and see it in-situ this morning.

Much to our surprise, and to Jean’s apparently, late last night he received a small shipment of cameras and lenses. So when we asked, “When can we get ours?”, he replied, “Right now”.

I bought mine with the 35mm/1.4 lens to start, and perhaps I’ll add on the 18mm and the 60mm later this Summer.

The camera is spectacular; a real Leica killer, in both looks and performance. And the price is right too at about 1/8 of the cost of a Leica with similar focal length lens. I’ve been playing with it this afternoon and it is head and shoulders above even the astonishing Fuji X100 released last year. Mine is already up for sale on eBay. Of course, the interchangeable lenses are the big feature and Fuji promises a bevy of great focal lengths with their reputed top quality (not Leica glass for sure, but not far off either).

If you’ve been waiting for just the right camera to come along, this is it!