It’s 3 AM and I’m writing a blog entry. No, I’m not on my way to bed, I’m on my way from bed! At 1:30 AM some party revelers decided to have a loud conversation in the street below our bedroom window. I was able to fall back asleep until 2 AM when the skunk family that has taken residency under our front entrance concrete slab began their nightly fornications on the way to increasing the skunk population.

According to the “Humane Removal” company that we have hired to gently coax these protected urban denizens from our home, when skunks mate they give off the same powerful odor as when they’re frightened, except that it only lingers about 12 hours since they’re not actually spraying it anywhere. And they usually mate like clockwork, somewhere around 2 AM. Of course, since they’re dong this right next to the house foundation, the odor is much stronger than when one of these cute little bastards gets hit by a car in the street. In fact, and strangely enough, there’s no odor in the air outside the house at all!

The stench burns the eyes and makes us gag. Trying to fall back to sleep is almost impossible, although I tried for about an hour (hence the 3 AM blogging).

As I got out of bed, I glanced outside and saw that mama raccoon has once again taken up residence in the large hole of our maple tree, as she has done for each of the last three years.  Her head was sticking out of the hole this “morning”. Doubtless, she’s about to give birth and we will soon see 4-5 tiny heads peeking out from their tree nest.

Me Tarzan….you Jane.