Ever wonder which size pizza represents the best value for money? We often assume that the larger the pizza, the better the value. But is it true? It’s pretty easy to find out.

The area of a circle is determined by the formula: A=πrxr (A= π r squared), where “r” is the radius (half the diameter).

Our local pizzeria sells a 12 inch Medium for $16 and a 16 inch X-Large for $24.

So here’s how to do it:

Subtract one inch from each pizza for the crust (unless you like crust).

The medium: Radius = 5 inches (6 in. minus 1 in. for the crust).

3.14( π ) x (5in. x 5in.) = 78.5 sq.inches per pizza. Two medium pizzas would give you 157 sq. in. of eating.

Cost for two pizzas = $32

The X-Large: Radius = 7 inches (8 in. minus 1 in. for the crust)

3.14 ( π ) x (7in. x 7in.) = 153.87 of eating per X-Large pizza

Cost for one pizza = $24

From the above we can see that one X-Large is almost identical to two medium pizzas in quantity, yet only costs 75% of the price. That’s a very substantial savings.

A couple of inches makes a world of difference! Of course, you could make those two medium pizzas at home for about $5 worth of ingredients.