This puts the French back in French Toast. After all, what could epitomize that noble dish more than making it with slices of Poilâne reaching their full maturity? The thought of throwing out stale Poilâne is inconceivable at what we in North America pay for it. I have two large slices that are now on Day 6 of their week-long journey from oven to table. Perfect for French toast, a sweet tartine (later tonight as dessert), or bread pudding. The folks at Poilâne have kindly provided some recipes for this contingency.

As usual, the French do things in their own style. Rather than soak the bread in a milk and egg mixture, the slices are first soaked in milk and then in egg. Not sure of the chemistry behind this, but it does produce one fine French toast. The image below is excerpted from the Poilâne web site. Of course, we topped it off with Canadian maple syrup instead of confectioner’s sugar.