The iPhone 4 is a great music player, GPS, web surfer, and text messenger. What it isn’t, is a great phone. In fact, it’s a terrible phone. My business partners, my son, my daughter, and most of my friends have iPhones. Every phone call is like a meeting of the geriatric society: “What’d you say?”, “Whaat?”, “Are you there, I lost you for a moment?”. Or worse still….”click” the sound of the line being dropped.

And before you say, “It’s your service provider”, please note we’re all with different providers, and my wife, who doesn’t have an iPhone, says her phone is just fine….except when calling someone who has an iPhone!

If I’m speaking and tilt my head slightly, the call becomes all garbled and broken up. I remember reading about the early iPhone 4 antenna issue, but had assumed this had all been rectified. I’m not sure. What I am sure of, is that this is the worst phone I’ve ever owned.