I’ve never read or even leafed through Vogue magazine. But today I was linked through to an article on a health-related topic, and in passing happened upon this gem about a “fixie” bike for moneyed fashionistas:

Vogue describes it as follows:

Most Expensive Fixie in the World
The Aurumania gold bike crystal edition is about $102,418 and is hand built, plated with 24 carat gold and hand-adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals. The handlebar grips are hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather and of course a beautiful molded Brooks leather saddle! The Bike is fully customized, Limited edition of 50 and for this price, its Hand delivered anywhere in World! There is no breaks, of course its a fixie, but if you wants to add breaks its a $5,000 extra! lol just joking, but for this price, I think I prefer having a Lambourghini on my wall ! After its up to you…

By the way, the many typos and grammatical errors are not mine! They’re actually in the text in the Vogue article. Which I guess goes to show that if you’re dumb enough to buy a bike like this, spelling and grammar were probably never your strong suits. Probably unnecessary anyway, since your strengths are likely below the neck somewhere.