I’ve decided to test the Razorpit using DE blades. I’m not a big fan of cartridge razors and since Gillette claims a Fusion blade will last about 30 shaves and the Razorpit claims up to 150 from the same blade, I couldn’t see myself devoting the next 6 months to this evaluation.

A good DE blade usually lasts me about 3 shaves. If the Razorpit can double or triple that, we’ll know soon enough. The company confirmed that I can use the Razorpit with DE’s, although finding the right angle might be a little “tricky”. They also confirmed that I don’t need to flip the blade in order to clean both sides, apparently, cleaning one side prevents buildup on the other.

Here’s my research protocol:

1. Shave with a Wilkinson DE blade till failure – no Razorpit – count # of shaves

2. Shave with a fresh Wilkinson blade till failure – with Razorpit cleaning between shaves – count # of shaves

3. Repeat process with another blade to gauge transferability of effect across at least two brands.

4. Use same shave cream (Jack Black), razor (E.J. Chatsworth), and brush (Plisson), for all the shaves. Shave with normal frequency, i.e., every 1-3 days. The only variable will be my subjective experience of the shave and the lifespan of the blade.

I’ll report on each phase as it’s completed. Today I took my first shave for part 1. A near perfect shave. I continue to be impressed by the Jack Black and the Wilkinson is a terrific blade.