Pizza is my all-time favorite food, as I’m sure it is for many millions of people around the world. It is my desert-island food, the one dish I think I could live on forever if I were on a desert island with only one food choice. Pizza is a clever food. We speak of it as one thing, but it is a virtual artist’s palette, allowing for endless combinations of ingredients and nutritional value.

Whenever I think of losing weight by reducing carbs, it is always the thought of no more pizza that makes me cave.

And so, it is fitting, that the New York Times released its Pizza Issue yesterday. A wonderful and eclectic collection of articles from fried pizza to calzones. Mouthwatering.

UPDATE: Cruising the Pizza Issue I encountered the New York Times’ new policy of limiting unpaid subscribers to only 10 articles per month. I innocently hit the wall after a few minutes. Too bad. This is the crack-pipe evolution of the web; get you hooked for free and then they go for the gonads. I won’t be subscribing anytime soon; there’s just way too much free content out there (well, it’s not really ‘free’, you have all kinds of ads surrounding the articles).