Man, I love Summer and the BBQ. Today’s lunch (well, yesterday’s and today’s actually). I sliced the grilled eggplant in half, took out the “meat”, chopped it up with feta, pesto, and walnuts, then put it back in each half “slipper”. I removed the skins and seeds from the grilled peppers and served them with a few anchovies tossed on top. The zucchini I served “au nature” with some olive oil. All topped with some tzatziki and served with a piece of Poilane.

For today’s lunch, I made tartines. I took the eggplant “pesto” and spread it on the Poilane, topped with zucchini and red pepper slices, anchovies, and black olives. It was truly delicious.

Poilane is ideally suited to tartines. It’s almost purpose-made for them. It’s not a great sandwich bread as its texture is very firm and I suspect it might crumble if you had a lot of stuff in the middle. At the very least it would be a big mouthful.

But in a tartine, it truly shines. Its firm texture allows it to absorb juices without getting soggy. And thinly sliced as it should be, it allows the ingredients to shine without dominating the flavor.