Yesterday was the 5th shave with the Wilkinson Sword DE, part of the “exhaustion” period to see how far the blade can go before it is no longer comfortably useable. I say “comfortably” because these blades can probably go 10 shaves before they start really cutting you up, but who wants that?

The blade still produced a reasonably good shave although the drag was now more pronounced, as was the irritation revealed by the alum block at the end of the shave. Time to move on.

We now enter Phase 2. Readers interested in these shaving entries will recall that this is all part of the experiment to assess the usefulness and claims of the Razorpit blade sharpener. In Phase 2, I will now shave with the same brand of blade, this time gliding it across the Razorpit “sharpening” surface (a rubberized membrane that purportedly cleans off the dead skin cells and soap scum that reduce blade sharpness) at the end of each shave.

I’m very interested to see the results over the course of the next couple of weeks (or longer if this thing really works!).