I found the video for Pankhurst (see my earlier post below) on Corey Greenberg’s blog,  Shaveblog.com.

It is generally accepted that Corey is the spiritual father of the renewed traditional shaving movement. His 2005 interview on NBC’s Today Show is credited with causing a massive upsurge in demand for traditional shaving products and the resurrection of what was essentially a dying industry. His “Archive” page is brilliantly organized, and you can read some of the truly great early descriptions of wet shaving that got so many of us hooked.

Corey was the first to introduce his then-massive readership to Nancy Boy men’s grooming products out of San Francisco. Like many US suppliers, Nancy Boy perceived Canada as an undesirable backwater filled with post office and Customs problems akin to shipping weapons across the border. As a result, Canada was a “dry” country from a shave-cream perspective at the very least.

But Corey did rave so about Nancy Boy!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Michael (Leisureguy) emailed to say he was sending me some NB samples. I was ecstatic to actually finally try NB. And frankly, it didn’t disappoint. Even though I have been in the midst of my Razorpit evaluation, I’ve managed to sneak a few Nancy Boy shaves on the side with a different razor.

I’ve only used the Signature scent so far and it is truly terrific. It may well be the best shaving cream I’ve ever used, even though it’s of the “brushless” type that can be applied with or without a brush. The only caveat when applying it with a brush is to not add much, if any, water. Water just thins it out and doesn’t add to the lather as in a traditional brush-type cream.

I was reticent about the NB at first because it has a fairly strong scent (to me), and I’ve become really averse to scents in my later years. But, to my surprise, the smell was very pleasant, a kind of After-8 dinner mint background of peppermint and chocolate. I agree with Michael that it does lather better and more sustainably than Jack Black, although I still like JB for its lack of any scent.

As a bonus, I just discovered that Nancy Boy has seen the errors of its ways and will ship to Canada. I do intend to order more. Michael also sent the cucumber version as well as the after shave gel. I’ve yet to try the cucumber shave cream, but the gel is amazing (N.B., you must use an almost miniscule amount or it gets very gummy on the face).