Off to Toronto tomorrow, driving instead of flying since it’s for three days and I need a car. Besides, I like the luxury of bringing extra clothing, a DE razor, and not having my clothes look like I slept in them. The driving vs. flying time premium is only about 2 hours all in, so not so bad. I’ll listen to some audio books.

I’m looking forward to bringing back some goodies, like Caputo pizza flour (our local dealer in Montreal has run out), and maybe even a few pizzas from one of the VPN certified pizzerias. Also planning a visit to the Cheese Boutique, probably the largest and most amazing specialty food store in the country.

Hotels always give me lots of blog fodder, so I’m looking forward to the surprises at the “No surprises” Holiday Inn. They’ve never failed to disappoint with some unpleasantness (like the beautiful room in Ottawa with a “romantic” glassless picture window between the bedroom and bathroom so that you could see and hear every intimate nuance of your spouse’s toilet evacuations. That’s NOT a mirror in the picture below!!!!