I have diligently been swiping my Wilkinson Sword DE blade on the Razorpit’s membrane before and after each shave. Today was the third shave with the Razorpit test “kit”: E.J Chatsworth razor, the Wilkinson blade, and Jack Black shave cream applied with the Plisson European White badger brush.

Some blades get better after the first shave, when the factory edge is smoothed out, a lot of initial harshness is sometimes removed. This is certainly the case (for me) with the Feather blades from Japan. But the Wilkinson has not been noted for this effect, making today’s finding more than a little surprising: The third shave was actually smoother and more pleasant than either the first or second. Hmmm?

Of course, most DE blades start to really break down after the fourth shave, and in my case by the time of the 5th they’re no longer fun to use. So the next couple of shaves will be very telling with regard to the Razorpit. I ran a fresh alum block over my just-shaved wet face and there was literally not a trace of any stinging – I sort of missed it actually, it’s usually confirmation of a close shave. But the shave was VERY close and smooth, so the alum block’s failure to react is another interesting surprise.

I’m traveling this week, so the Razorpit test will resume when I get back. The next couple of shaves will tell the tale.