This is the critical day. By now, most DE blades have pretty much given up the ghost. My Wilkinson Sword in the pre-test baseline period was no exception. At day 5 it was still usable but no longer any fun; it dragged in spots and was unpredictable.

To my utter surprise, the Razorpit treated blade continues to perform well, mimicking a blade on day 2 or 3 of normal usage. I shaved a three-day growth of beard and there was no tugging, and most important, no hint of irritation when the alum block hit the skin.

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m not so interested in the longevity of the blade, as I am in a continued smoothness and comfort. So far, the Razorpit has lived up to the hype, even though I’m not sure of the technology behind it. Conventional wisdom says that you can’t “strop” a blade from one side only. And that dead skin cells and soap-scum accumulation could so degrade a blade is hard to believe.

The test continues with an unprecedented 6th shave next time.