There are some businesses whose product is so great, and the demand so strong, that they can afford to ignore all modern business protocols for customer service and convenience. Then there are others whose businesses are in decline and they begin to retrench by taking it out on their customers, e.g. raising prices, cutting back on quality, and reducing services.

There’s a pizzeria in Pointe-Claire village that makes a decent, if not particularly noteworthy pizza. It’s main benefit is that it’s close to my home and they deliver. Unfortunately, they have neither debit cards nor credit cards, so if you suddenly find yourself in the mood for pizza, you’re out of luck if you don’t have cash.

I was very tired today from a long day of driving and interviews. A pizza seemed a good idea. I did a Google search for our local pizzeria’s name but it turns out they have no web site. I managed to locate their name from 411. Here’s the conversation with the order person:

Me: “You don’t have a web site where I can see the menu do you?”.

Her: “No”.

Me: “O.K., could you please recite the pizza menu so I can order?”.

Her: “Sure….’Blah, blah’, she rattled off ten pizza choices.

Me: “O.K., I’ll take an extra-large all-dressed”.

Her: “You know we no longer offer delivery, right?”.

Me: “So let me get this straight: No web site, no debit card, no credit card, and now no delivery?”.

Her: “Right”.

Me: “And you still have business?”.

Her: “Yes….do you want the pizza?”.

Me: “No thanks”.

I ordered from one of the other nearby places that has a menu delivered door-to-door every few months, a web site, takes debit and credit cards, and has free delivery. It was good and it cost the same.