I had shave #9 in the Razorpit test series last Tuesday, just before leaving for Vancouver. The blade felt pretty well done, at about the same level as an untreated blade at around day 5. Still, 9 shaves is almost double the lifespan of the blade; pretty good in my book.

This afternoon, getting ready to go for dinner at a friend’s, I jumped into the shower, forgetting to put a fresh blade in my E.J. Chatsworth razor. The day 9 blade was still there. Too late to switch blades and not looking forward to getting cut, I gave the blade a few strokes on the Razorpit, took it out of the razor, flipped it over, and put it back in, giving it a final few Razorpit swipes on the other side (sort of like stropping a straight-edge on an old-fashioned leather strop).

The blade was transformed! It felt like a day 2 shave with an untreated blade. Smooth as silk. I got a beautiful BBS shave, and I think this baby may even have a few more shaves left on it. Can you imagine getting 12-15 great shaves on a single DE blade????

I think the Razorpit guys need to revise their recommendations. Why not flip the blade over each time and give it a good cleaning/ersatz stropping with each shave?