I took my 11th shave with the same DE blade on Monday, a Wilkinson Sword treated with the Razorpit blade “sharpener” (it doesn’t really sharpen, but rather cleans the blade of accumulated skin cells, hair, soap scum, etc.).

The 10th shave had been a revelation; I had flipped the blade over and “stropped” it on both sides, providing a truly marvelous shave. But unfortunately, it didn’t endure. By the 11th shave the blade was pretty much done for; a spectacular performance by the way, doubling the useful life of a DE blade is no small accomplishment.

So, here’s my completely anecdotal and unscientific redux of the Razorpit: It works. The science of it makes little sense, in that you aren’t really stropping the blade (unless you flip it over for each shave), nor are you fully cleaning it, since the dirt on the underside of the blade doesn’t get touched in the normal cleaning process (again, unless you are ready to flip the blade over each time). But it really does work; I got great shaves all the way to the end and more than doubled the useful life of the blade.

The Razorpit web site claims that you can get up to 6 times the shaves from a single razor, but they are referring to the multi-blade cartridge razors and I can’t comment on that claim since I only shave DE.

For the DE shaver, of course, the question becomes, why would I want to do this?

My DE blades cost around a quarter. There are more expensive ones like the Japanese Feathers running around 50 cents. A Razorpit costs about 30 bucks, with which I can buy an additional 120 blades or about 3 year’s worth at my shaving pace (I shave on average every 2 days and replace the blade every third shave). So, I’m not sure that the savings is worth the extra clutter in my shower, nor the extra time it takes to clean the blade. But that’s me.

If you are environmentally obsessed and want to prevent every morsel of waste from entering the environment (steel does break down quickly though), the environmental argument might be compelling. And after the 3 year break-even point, well, the Razorpit will save you money (unless you drop it and it breaks).

Overall, this is an excellent product that does what it claims. The economies for a cartridge saver might be really worth it at the price of those suckers and if the Razorpit can really produce 150 shaves from one blade. I’d love to try it, but can’t stand the thought of shaving with a Fusion or Hydro 5 for almost a year. Besides….the lubricating strip certainly wouldn’t last the 150 shaves, so not sure if it would be as effective without it.