No matter how clever you think you are, the people who do nothing but focus on their particular area of expertise will always be more clever than you. This is essentially a restatement of Steve’s Third Axiom: You can’t protect yourself part-time, from people committed to taking advantage of you full-time.

Case in point: Costco sells a very nice jumbo shrimp ring, prominently marked on the front of the package in large letters: “Wild caught Mexican shrimp”. “Wild caught” is a real key phrase for people interested in getting away from farmed seafood, especially if it’s from Thailand and much of Asia; areas renown (or notorious) for fish and seafood grown in cesspools full of human waste (Joke: What’s the first thing a Pangasius fish sees when it looks up in the morning? Some guy’s ass pointed in its direction). And buying from Mexico seems almost local compared to shipping things from as far as Asia.

As I was thawing a shrimp ring for a Friday night Martini snack, I glanced down at the fine print at the bottom of the back of the package and saw: “Mexican shrimp processed and packaged in Thailand”. For Chrissakes! How can it pay to catch shrimp in Mexico, ship it to Thailand for packaging, and then ship it back to North America? But obviously it must. I mean can’t the Mexicans build a seafood processing plant and compete? We really are screwed, shipping jobs to Asia while we become what?