Maybe I’ll post a “Daily Stupid” experience just for fun. Let’s see how many genuine stupidities I can accumulate in a month.

Yesterday, I bought a container of Skotidakis Tzatziki dip in its new “French Onion” flavor, from Mourelatos supermarket. The expiry date was July 27th. In the evening, my son came home to forage the fridge, as he often does (we don’t mind, it’s a good chance to see him). He came into the living room and asked, “Dad, why did you buy a completely moldy container of tzatziki?”. “What are you talking about?’, I replied, “I just bought it this afternoon”. “Well”, he said, “It’s got a quarter inch of nasty, dusty mold growing in it”.

I grabbed the container, peeled back the plastic lid, and lo and behold, my son was right; it looked like a petrie dish filled with Ebola. Obviously, the inner seal had been ripped open by some yahoo who wanted to smell or taste it, then re-closed the plastic lid and put it back on the shelf in the display fridge at the store. It wasn’t worth the $5 of gas to go back to the store and return a $2.99 item, so into the garbage it went.

Yesterday, Leisureguy posted a link to this article about how being nasty and judgmental can ruin your life, and that we must adopt more positive attitudes in order to have a more pleasant life. I wholeheartedly agree. Nevertheless, there is an old Greek saying (there always is), that goes something like this:

“I want to become a saint….but the devils won’t let me”.