When I got back into gourmet shaving in 2007, I went a little nuts. I bought hundreds (more likely, thousands) of dollars worth of creams, soaps, brushes, razors, blades, etc.

Even if one shaves daily, there’s no way to go through the dozens of tubs of shave creams and bars of shaving soap that I had accumulated. Mind you, I did use them all, but I couldn’t use them all up! This is less of a problem for the soaps, but a big problem for the creams which seem to dry up and harden over time. Not to mention that the chemicals in these products tend to age and denature, creating who-knows-what byproducts that could be harmful to the skin.

I went through a huge cleanup last year, and today was the second one, throwing out five or six tubs of cream, among them many favorites that had survived Round 1.

My approach these days is a little more mature. I’ll buy one or two creams and soaps, use them up completely and then move on to a replacement. In any case, I find my tastes have narrowed down substantially and I only use maybe 3 creams and 5 soaps.