Leisureguy had a post today about the much-despised Autocorrect function. I couldn’t agree more, yet must do so even more vociferously. I hate Autocorrect. No, let me rephrase that: I HATE Autocorrect!

It wasn’t so bad in my Windows days, but since getting into Apple products, Autocorrect is not only more pervasive, but almost impossible to turn off no matter how many Preference boxes you un-click.

Autocorrect slows every email down because you have to carefully look for mistakes that in the past might have been simple typos that the reader would have understood, but under Autocorrect, are transformed into meaningful yet completely inappropriate words. There’s a funny cold-remedy commercial that has a young lady obviously sick in bed with a bad cold, holding her Blackberry and looking very chagrined. She looks at the camera and says: “I just texted my boss that I’m in bed with a nasty clown”.

I have tried in vain to kill this thing but to no avail. I have killed it in Outlook, in Word, and in every other program. Yet, there it is completely operational, screwing with my every sentence like some horror film disembodied hand murdering everyone who has wronged its master.