I went to Adonis this morning, our local Lebanese-owned supermarket which is one of the best places for fresh produce, meats, and fish. They have arguably the best fish counter in the West Island, and I always ask, “What came in today”. They’re actually pretty good; there are many days when they will say, “The porgy came in yesterday”, or “Wait till this afternoon when the fresh snapper will arrive”.

I got there just after opening this morning and they were just stocking the ice with fresh fish.  I asked if anything had come in this morning, but it was quickly obvious by the lineup around the fresh sardines that this treasure trove had just arrived. The fish monger confirmed this as fact. I know fresh sardines, and these babies looked ultra-fresh, with clear eyes, firm flesh, and a bright silver tone. They’re about 5 inches long. I bought the last eight; some woman in front of me bought about 20. Her eyes glistened as she said, “You’ve gotta get them when they’re fresh!”.

I had three for lunch by myself, and the rest with my wife for dinner. Grilled on the BBQ with fresh olive oil. I also made a whole octopus which was devoured before I could even take a picture. Three quarters of a pound of fresh anchovies are also marinating in lemon juice for tomorrow’s lunch. No shortage of Omega-3’s here.