My godson recently encouraged me to rejoin Facebook. He pointed out that it has now become quite a good place to find hobby and interest-specific Facebook pages…and he’s right. I was looking for a good neighborhood pizzeria yesterday and came across the Facebook page of one just across the highway that had never been on my radar. They don’t have a web site, but they do have a Facebook page. It was good to read the comments from customers.

I’ve been active on Facebook this past week, while on vacation. One unintended consequence however, is that I’m torn between my blog and the Facebook contributions. Facebook isn’t really designed for more thoughtful and lengthy entries. It works precisely because it is so well-attuned to the short attention spans of younger people. But the truth is, I only have time for one literary social mistress; attending to Facebook has really cut into my attention to the blog.

Over the next few weeks I’ll have to see how this plays out. I still find Facebook somewhat invasive; the reason I got out in the first place a couple of years ago.