Boulangerie Guillaume is a tiny bakery in the Mile End district of Montreal, just North of downtown, in a once a poor immigrant ghetto, today a gentrified enclave of the urban hipster.  Guillaume has been open for just two years, but, IMHO, has become the best bakery in a city renown for great bakeries. No small accomplishment.

Mr. Italo introduced me to it a few months ago and I regularly create vast lineups behind me as I order quantities to fill my freezers at home. The hipsters who buy one croissant or a single baguette don’t like this, but hey, as a merchant what would I rather have: One guy who spends $75 at a crack or thirty hipsters who buy a $2 croissant? Perhaps the latter, I guess, it’s called spreading your risk.

Describing bread is near impossible and I won’t attempt it. There is something almost spiritual about great bread; that something so simple can be so immensely satisfying. No wonder it features so prominently in so many religious parables and stories. I could live on bread, cheese, olives, some good organic lettuce, and the occasional glass of wine. I’ll take it over foie gras anytime….unless the foie gras is on great bread, of course.

The picture above is of today’s stash, cut up where appropriate, and divided into very large freezer bags for one-at-a-time dispensing. My wife’s comment: “I’m not shopping with you any more….you have no boundaries”. I did notice her secret stash of Guillaume croissants, however, carefully pilfered from the main bag and set aside discretely in the bread basket for an “emergency” later today. If only she weren’t so damned slim and fit…..Grrrrr.