“In my cups” is an old English expression meaning somewhat tipsy from imbibing too much liquor. And while I am in fact not “In my cups”, I thought it would be a funky title for a piece on travel coffee mugs.

Over the years I have tried about a dozen different travel mug designs. While the mug itself has never been a problem (other than the fact that I try to avoid plastic because of the BPA), the dispensing lids have always been highly unsatisfactory, especially when the beverage is very hot; the transition from lid to lips almost always ensuring a scald. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for something a little better designed.

This morning, we were at a Starbucks in Kingston, Ontario, when I spotted these ceramic mugs, nicely made, and with a simple splash-proof lid that exposes the rim of the cup and provides a vary natural cup-to-lip interface. $12 a piece. I bought two.

Nice and hefty, with a thermal space between the inner and outer ceramic molding, for heat retention and insulation.