For the last 3-4 years, Messrs Italo and Dario have been trying to get me to NYC for the massive, annual New York Camera Show. Each year, just before departure, I have either gotten sick with a massive cold/flu, or work demands have made it impossible to leave Montreal.

I have once again committed to go down this year in a couple of weeks. My friends have been scouting the food landscape in my absence and I know that they have amassed a gut-breaking list of awesome places for the finest from porchetta to VPN pizza. Frankly, this scares me. The three of us love to “live big”, both metaphorically and literally, although Mr. Dario, being retired, maintains a buff physique through incessant cycling and other activities.

On the other hand, New York does have a vast assortment of Big-and-Tall (read Fat) stores, so at least I’ll be able to build an appropriate post-apocalyptic wardrobe.