I won’t wax sentimental about the end of Summer; it was actually an amazing season filled with record-setting warm sunny days. And I like the Fall; a time for jackets, soups and stews, as well as the great light coming from closer to the horizon and creating wonderful shadows.

A couple of early morning shots from our yard. The wasp catcher and fly-swatter no longer needed, the bird-feeder nearly toppled from the weight of the squirrels jumping onto it to steal the seeds, and the yard furniture now neatly lined up against the backyard hedge we share with our terrific neighbours. She is the great grand-daughter of the original architect (a woman, BTW), who built both our homes  around 1912. Still in the family home, passed down from one generation to the next. They have kept the original cedar shingles, while ours was “modernized” with stucco sometime in the ’60s.

Taken with the iPhone 5. Very impressive, fast handling, light-years ahead of the previous camera in the iPhone 4.