A few months ago I bought a couple of travel-tube containers (GOTOOB brand) from our local outdoors/camping store. I really loved them and wrote about them here. They are quite ingeniously designed and made from a material that feels comfortable to the hand and easy to squeeze all the liquid or cream from.

The company that makes these, Humangear, must have a social network monitoring function, because I was contacted shortly thereafter asking if I would review the other parts of their line. I said sure, with the caveat that I’m not easily bought by a few freebies (unless of course it’s a Leica or Ferrari), and that the review would be fair and possibly pretty tough.

A selection of other containers followed, and I took some time to test them out in my various business and pleasure travels over the Summer.

I continue to be very impressed. The one-handed opening of the travel tubs (GOTUB) is very handy, and despite this they stay very secure otherwise. The little expandable GOCUP is also very cool; a combined pillbox and drinking cup! Although it’s hard to explain scientifically, I just really like the feel of these containers in the hand. They are soft and flexible and lack the cheap, hard feel of other travel containers. They feel expensive, and they are (relatively speaking). A lifetime warranty takes some of the sting out of the price, although the company has a materials compatibility page for its GOTOOB line, and you should make sure that you avoid any substances that will damage the containers or you.

A 5/5 rating in my book. A must have for any traveler.