Maybe I’m just punch-drunk from being at my desk at 4 AM again this morning – too may projects, too many ideas swirling in my brain to permit much sleep. In bed by 10, up at 4 wide-awake with work-related ideas that need to get put on “paper”. All told, six hours sleep isn’t bad, and not particularly unhealthy, so I’m not concerned.

Perhaps it’s this state of heightened awareness that makes certain ideas, once encountered, so breathtakingly clear. I came across an article about how the “digital mind”, i.e. the mind exposed to years of digital input, begins to function very differently from the traditional mind most older people grew up with.

In 2006, Maurice Saatchi, the legendary advertising guru, foretold the death of modern advertising due to the evolution of the digital mind. He predicted and recommended that successful advertising would all hinge on each company owning one word that would succinctly describe it and capture the attention of the digital mind. The article is brief (as one would expect in this context), but very entertaining, and more importantly I suspect, so true.

It turns out that the notion of “one word” figures prominently in this year’s US election. Obama has clearly captured his campaign with one word: Forward. For Romney, it’s not so clear. Lawyer and business writer, Daniel Pink, has a very interesting piece today on how one word can determine the direction of an entire country. A very good read.