A number of my friends have elderly parents afflicted by dementia or Alzheimer’s. In the early stages, when people are still reasonably functional and still managing at home with a caregiver (often the other non-afflicted spouse), one of the biggest problems is making sure they don’t wander off. One of my friends’ dad used to get dressed and leave the house in the middle of the night. Luckily, the police would bring him home. Putting special locks on the door is rarely an option, since you then run the risk that they can’t get out in an emergency. It’s extremely stressful on both the caregiver and the rest of the family.

Aetrex makes some great shoes for general wear, as well as a couple of lines of customizable orthotic inserts. But more importantly  they also have a line of comfortable and stylish GPS enabled shoes that can be tracked and monitored with an app. This is brilliant! And if you think about it, they’re even good if you have any chronic illness or are vulnerable for stroke or heart attack,  making it possible to find you in the event something happens and you can’t communicate with people.

Five years ago, my Mom had a massive stroke while shopping. Fortunately, a lady who knew her found her wandering the street, speaking gibberish. She called us and we were able to call the ambulance and meet her at the hospital.