I vaguely remember being a kid and being bored. It is a stupefying experience; sitting there with “nothing” to do. Of course, I could have found things that needed doing, but those were never fun. For a kid, being bored is the diametrical opposite of having fun; as if one’s mind is geared to only two modes: bored or fun. As a result, upcoming fun events always loom large in an almost unbearable anticipation. Days are counted down like water droplets on a torturee’s forehead.

I haven’t been bored for probably 40 years or so. One factor is certainly money; when you have money, you can create your own fun. But another factor is the sheer weight of responsibility; so many things that must be done, that you need prioritized lists, checking each accomplishment off before moving to the next. Over time, the list grows until eventually, the fun stuff recedes into the background, and the anticipation isn’t for the fun that will come, but for how to fit the fun into all the things that still must be done! Fun sneaks up on you and the response is often, “Oh shit, are we leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow?!”.

Next week, we’re off to Turks and Caicos for our first vacation in almost 3 years. The wife has been making threatening noises and finally just went ahead and booked the vacation, leaving me to rearrange work commitments around the “missing” week. Of course, I realize from experience that once there, I will slowly disengage from the harness and have a wonderful time, the end of the vacation signalling its own dread, “Shit, is it already time to go back to work?!”.