Back from almost two weeks on the pig farms, it’s been an amazing experience to get close to the food we eat and recognize the work and suffering (mainly from the animals) that goes into our daily “bread”.

I’ve been working for years to take what Dr. Will Clower calls the “faux” (French for “false”) out of our diet. We eat probably about 60% organic and free range in terms of our protein and plants (this starts to get close to the practical limit if you have a very varied diet and don’t want to become a social pariah). We also pay close attention to ingredient lists on anything packaged. What really surprises me though is the level of crap that goes into even the most apparently innocent food items; things you woud never suspect and might just grab off the shelf without a second glance.

Take for example cream. Tonight, I’m making this recipe from Stéphane Gabart’s most amazing blog, My French Heaven. If you have a moment read this guy’s bio….then cook up some of his exquisite recipes. I only follow two blogs, my friend and blog mentor Michael Ham’s (Leisureguy), and now Stéphane’s site.

Stéphane’s recipe calls for cream for the peppercorn sauce in his Green Peppercorn Steak. Should be simple to find real cream, one might reasonably think. Well, think again. Our local Metro Plus large-chain grocery store stocks about 5 brands of cream at various levels of butterfat content. Each and every one of them is made with a chemical laboratory of thickeners, stabilizers, and unpronounceable shit. I really can’t believe there isn’t one brand of just plain cream! Finally, I had to go their high-end cheese counter and I had to buy cream from freaking France (no offense). It is good till April and only contains, you guessed it….cream and starter!!

Have a look at the abominations the food industry foists on us every day: