A few weeks ago, Mr. Italo reminded me about how wonderful the salmon is at the New Victoria fish market in Montreal. I used to go there religiously years ago, but stopped when the traffic into town got nightmarish and when Costco started offering large filets of Atlantic salmon at very attractive prices. Big mistake.

I’ve been planning a trip to New Victoria for the last couple of weeks and managed to get there today. The salmon are massive with a rich fatty flesh you don’t see at Costco. They are great for gravlax because the flesh remains moist even as the surface gets “cured”. So you wind up getting slices with the perfect combination of saltiness and sweet fattiness.

I kept a few pieces for cooking tonight; the middle slabs went into the freezer for the week-long “safety” freeze prior to making the gravlax.

Take a look at this monster fish:


I kept the head, bones and other parts to make a salmon broth – perfect for a risotto.