My favorite food writer, Michael Pollan, recommends that you eat anything you want so long as it is “real”, i.e., made the way your grandmother would have made it (assuming she was a good cook!).  This also includes junk-food; the proviso being that you make it yourself from quality ingredients. I think his rationale is that the labor intensity involved in making most junk-food at home will be a deterrent to making it, or consuming it in large quantities if you do go to all the trouble.

I have eaten at McDonald’s perhaps five times in the last 25 years, almost always under some form of duress, e.g., on our way to Boston a couple of months ago, we stopped at a small New Hampshire town at 5 AM and everything was closed, except the golden arches. Most of the times I have eaten there, it has been the Egg McMuffin.

I don’t know if McDonald’s “invented” the combination of an egg, bacon, and cheese in an English muffin, but I certainly never had it until I had it at a Mickey D’s in the early ’70’s. It is a fast-food that just begs to be made at home because of its ease of preparation and ability to really satisfy a morning hunger.

My own version varies with what’s available at home on any given morning. Today’s breakfast was as follows:

  • One plain white English muffin (I often also use the Ezekiel 4:9 line of sprouted whole-grain muffins; very tasty and lower glycemic than regular white muffins)
  • Two extremely thin slices of La Bernoise’s home-made bacon
  • One extra-large egg fried over easy, with the yolk broken (I use a round metal form to create a convenient shape to fit the muffin)
  • Half an ounce of Alsatian Muenster cheese (very stinky)

Two minutes in the panini maker and voila:


Ingredients are stacked as per recipe.McMuffi2

The finished product

For those who care: The whole thing takes 5 minutes to prepare and comes in at 300 calories; less than a bowl of cereal with milk, and a whole lot more satisfying.