Last year, I finally got “with it” and joined both LinkedIn and Facebook. Now it may be coincidence, but since that time, my ratio of spam to non-spam email has increased both gradually and exponentially. Today I took count: 80 business and personal emails (including legitimate ads), vs. 120 spam emails! Every time I look at my Inbox, for every 5 desired emails, if I look at my spam box, there are about 8 garbage emails. And the ratio is getting bigger by the day.

And of course, these follow me across platforms, so that I have to delete them on each device: My desktop, iPhone, and iPad. Adding insult to injury, I can’t just delete the whole batch, because the “filters” also capture legitimate emails.

I once read a tech guru writing on an IT site that spam threatens the very existence of email as a usable communication modality. Can you imagine when you get 1000 spam emails for every 10 legitimate ones? I can because I’m seeing it happen before my eyes.