Run, don’t walk to see the documentary Kumaré, available on iTunes and many other instant-watch providers.

It was especially painful for me, having spent so many years researching Transpersonal Psychology, the universal human search for transcendent meaning. I have met and spent lots of time with dozens of monks, gurus, rinpoches, sages, and sadhus. They all left me cold. I thought it was just my hyperactive Hemingway shit-detector, but Kumaré shows how that skepticism was likely well-placed.

Kumaré documents the story of an American kid of Indian descent, who decides to become a guru and start a religion, all in order to make this documentary. He chronicles the development of his large following, all based on bullshit teachings that he excerpted from a variety of religions. Wearing a pink robe and sporting a phoney Indian accent, he tours the American southwest building a cult following.

An absolute must see if you have any interest in religion, spirituality, and psychology.