Being an obsessive compulsive foodie, the first thing I did this morning was to rush over to La petite boulangerie (on Fleury St.) for their 3.5 (out of 4 possible) star rating baguette, as documented in Saturday’s Gazette. The newspaper evaluated 14 baguettes from the top bread bakeries in the city and determined that La petite boulangerie’s was the closest to perfection. I was surprised to see personal favourites such as Arhoma’s bread get a 1.5 star, while Guillaume’s outstanding baguette only garnered a 3.

I bought 6 loaves. I gave one to Dr. J. along with the long-promised Caputo pizza flour I had been saving for him, and saved one loaf for Mr. Italo and another for The Ruskie. We hurried home to have the promised perfection for dinner with my lamb osso bucco. Now here’s the rub: It was awful! Dry, with overly large air holes and no flavour or bread scent. The crust was hard and the dough was overly airy with little chewiness. I couldn’t believe it could be so bad.

I always new that anything you read in the paper that isn’t hard-core news is all PR bullshit, but has it actually come to this?

I am eagerly looking forward to our trip to France in a few weeks, where I can re-establish my frame of reference for great baguette.