Just back from another 3-day trip to Toronto last night. I was in Vancouver last week and am back in TO next week. During my last two trips I’ve noticed a strange thing: I didn’t turn on my iPad even once. It’s unusual because I normally use my iPad to pick up emails, watch news, and read books. But, on these last trips I found myself using my iPhone for all these things; in fact, my iPhone has acquired many of the characterisitcs of an appendage, almost constantly in hand and glanced at every few seconds for new notifications of emails, text messages, time, weather, airline flight delays, etc.

This morning, we watched Canada AM’s coverage of the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers through the strteets of various Boston suburbs. Instead of watching it on our large screen TV in the living room, my wife and I watched it on my iPhone at the dining room table while enjoying our morning Greek coffee and Guillaume croissants.

It struck me that I am ripe for a phablet; a phone sized somewhere between the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. Samsung has them, but I’m leery to change platforms now. On the other hand, if Apple doesn’t come up with one soon, I’ll likley take the leap….yeah, it’s that significant.

The big problem now is that this new level of usage puts a huge strain on the iPhone 5’s tiny battery; it’s getting almost impossible to get through a whole day on one charge. So battery life will become a new selection criterion for me on my next purchase consideration.