My apologies to Gerry, Dario, and JD…this is NOT for you. Moves is an app for the rest of us. By the “rest-of-us”, I mean the millions of well-intentioned couch potatoes who know that they need to move more, but lack the inherent motivation of the gentlemen named above. You know who you are.

Moves is frighteningly simple. You dowload it for free from iTunes, start it, and that’s it. It’s always on and you never need think about it again, except when you receive your daily notifications or choose to look at your daily movement summary. Moves uses the iPhone’s (or any Android phone) built-in accelerometer (motion detector) and its GPS capabilities, to contantly track your walkng, running, biking, and changes in location. It can discrminate when you’re in a car vs. on a bike. At any point in the day, it can tell you where you’ve been, how many steps you’ve taken, and how far you’ve biked or run.

It has only two purposes: To raise your awareness about how much or how little you actually move during your day, and to encourage you to move more. That’s it, that’s all. It has a beautifully elegant Graphic User Interface (GUI), and above all, it’s really fun! The only provisos are that you carry your phone with you wherever you go, and charge your battery at least once a day.