Milos is the most expensive high-end Greek restaurant in the country. And their other locations in New York, Vegas, Miami, and Athens are equally up-scale. Dinner averages in the $150 per head range, and that’s if you’re very conservative with the wine. Nevetheless, they are always packed, during the best of times and the worst. The reason is that their quality is “over the top” as Mr. Italo likes to say.

A couple of years back, I heard that Milos had started offering a lunchtime prix-fixe menu around $20. I was skeptical. At that price, it would likley resemble how one of my friends once described his Nouvelle Cuisine filet of sole: “I lifted the single small lettuce leaf on my plate and there it was”.

But Mr. Italo is no fool when it comes to value-for-money. So when he started raving about the lunchtime deal at Milos, I was intrigued. Today gave us a perfect opportunity to test it out, with our inveterate New York correspondent and foodie, Mr. Dario in town. Here’s the menu. Looks pretty amazing for $20!

P.S. Just back. It was amazing. A great value and I’m sure a lost leader for the restaurant…although we did make up for it in wine!

Milos Montreal - Lunch