I’ve received a number of links to very interesting posts on the same site from different friends. Today, I took the time to explore the site itself and must admit it is very cool, although I know that the word “cool” is no longer cool in itself. Nevertheless, the site, Nowness, is the epitome of what we used to call cool.

One of the great dangers of being a boomer is that because our cohort is so large and the wealth that we control even larger, we risk forever being catered to in terms of what’s familiar rather than what’s new. You may have noticed how we’re still hearing the same freaking music on the radio, and the Rolling Stones are still bouncing on stage like teenagers despite being in their ’70’s.

It takes a conscious effort to get out of one’s comfort zone and explore the new stuff that the “kids” are into. Although, sadly, I also notice that the old-timers are pretty popular with the 20 and 30 somethings, a rather sad phenomenon IMHO, although I’m sure it’s quite validating to the aging boomers who will never grow old, as if that’s a dirty word.