I really like hot dogs. Nothing says Summer like a hot dog served in the classical style with crappy yellow mustard and some chopped onions, on a soft anemic bun. But as most of us know, commercial hot dogs are crap; one step above dog food. They are also a nasty chemical cesspool, and as a result, appear on just about every nutritionist’s no-fly zone.

The hot dogs sold in health-food stores generally taste like dung. It turns out that when you try to make something crap more healthful, it winds up tasting even worse.

But there are exceptions. Last year, I discovered the hot dogs from Life Choices. They make a whole range of products, all certified organic and ostensibly with prime cuts of meat (I won’t believe that till I get a factory tour). Nevertheless, at $10 for a pack of six, it could be true. But here’s the important thing: The best hot dogs I have ever tasted regardless of brand or provenance. By a mile. You can really taste the meat. And they don’t have that organic heath-food skunky taste that comes from the addition of pomegranate extract mixed with oatmeal and quinoa! These are just all beef with some cane sugar, celery extract (naturally occurring nitrates)  and smoke.

I guarantee that if you have one of these, you’ll never touch a commercial dog….unless it’s tail is wagging! I bought mine at Tau in the West Island. They seem to have much better distribution in Ontario.