Have you caught any of the amazing documentaries by The Water Brothers? Absolutely terrific. An examination of water in all its amazing aspects.

Tonight, we watched the episode on the scam that is bottled water in North America. Turns out that in almost every case, tap water is better or at least as good as any bottled water brand, both from a taste and bacteriological perspective. And the monstrous environmental footprint created by plastic water bottles is nothing short of scandalous. I’m sold. In fairness, I’ve never bought plain bottled water and we don’t drink soft drinks. We do enjoy “fizzy” water such as Perrier and San Benedetto in their naturally flavoured varieties (my favourite is the Perrier grapefruit). But after watching The Water Brothers, I’m done. Tap water in a large fridge jug, with some grapefruit or cucumber slices from now on.

Full episodes available at the link above.