My Libournian (would that be the right term, or perhaps, Libournois?) friend Stephane Gabart is a self-proclaimed “lazy cook”, always looking for simple creations that taste wonderful. One of the reasons I enjoy his cooking so much is in fact, the ease of preparation and the amazing flavours that he is able to achieve with wonderful ingredients and a gentle touch. Of course, mastering simplicity is no mean feat; a decade working for the Ritz Carlton group didn’t hurt.

This “snack” has become a favourite in my home; a wonderful greeting for the wife as she comes home from a tough day at the hospital to a nice martini, Bloody Caesar, or Mount Athos hootch (take your pick). Served in the original can, it makes for a very rustic presentation. Total prep time: three minutes. I also enjoy it as a mid-afternoon snack to tame the beast prior to a late dinner. Served with thin slices of a good baguette, toasted on the BBQ. An awesome source of Omega-3’s if that’s important to you; personally, I don’t give a hoot, as we eat so much fish I’m starting to glow.

Try it with different types of sardines; you’ll be amazed at how many different varieties there actually are. I personally prefer the tiny Brislings, but today I made it with some very tasty Portuguese sardines.