I’m continuing with my “Lazy man’s” guide to Stephane Gabart’s recipes for amazing food prepared in the shortest possible time. One secret: Lots of booze, flambéed!

Another absolute favourite in the lazy armamentarium is Steak au Poivre made with canned Madagascar peppers and cream. I used Wapity (Elk – farmed) for tonight’s version, flambeed in 16 year old single malt scotch; it was absolutely the most drop-dead tender, juicy meat I’ve ever eaten. Readily available today in most quality grocery chains. Recipe here.


I served it with sweet-potato fries made in the French-made Actifry and served with a little mayo. The Actifry may be the best appliance I’ve ever bought. Imagine enough crisp, browned fries for 2-4 people with only a tablespoon of oil.


Plus, a salad of pourpier (purslane) with nothing more than our own olive oil and a little lemon juice.