Holy smokes, I just realized it’s been 10 days since my last post! Selling the house has been a gruelling task, not the least of which has been the constant work needed to keep it in “showroom” condition. Old habits must be realigned to the new reality; clean up immediately after every meal, no towels in the laundry hamper….Hell, no laundry hamper! Why is the basket with my fresh socks in the back of your walk-in closet and not on the bedroom floor as usual?

Our garbage bags have transitioned from the regular large size to the “contractor” size, thick enough to hold sharp objects, old bicycle wheels, lumber, and styrofoam liners from TV boxes. We continue to de-junk from an apparent never-ending cornucopia of crap in the basement, and every day has some other “specialist” putting the finishing touches on details….changing the sink caulking, painting the hearth bricks, replacing defective light fixtures.

And all this on top of fielding visitors, both agents nosing around for a contract, as well as prospective buyers.

Hopefully, I’ll have something reasonably intelligent and intelligible to say in a few days. In the meantime….looking for a house?