My wife and I have recently developed a fondness for the Bloody Caesar, a mixture of Clamato juice and vodka plus worcestershire sauce, celery salt, lemon juice, and Tabasco. But reading the contents of the Clamato bottle is like reading the contents of a chemistry set:

Ingredients: Water, Tomato concentrate, High fructose corn syrup, Monosodium glutamate, Salt, Citric acid, Onion powder, Celery seed, Ascorbic acid, Garlic powder, Dried clam broth, Spices, Vinegar, Natural flavours, Red 40.

Interestingly, if you read the origins of the Bloody Caesar, it was a concoction made in 1969 when Calgary restauranteur Walter Chell combined Tomato juice and clam juice with the aforementioned condiments. Now, tomato juice is a pretty benign beverage that consists of tomato concentrate, salt, and Vitamin C. So why do we need the rest of that crap in our drinks and bodies?


I went back to the origins of the Bloody Caesar and made one with the right stuff. Terrific! Better than with Clamato juice. I also tried it with V8, and it was even better, once again with very benign ingredients. Try it.