Last Summer, I got a call from my friend John in Vancouver. A financial advisor not known for his exuberance nor his exaggeration, John was uncharacteristically adamant and insistent that I must see a particular movie….The Intouchables.  Yes, you read that right, The Intouchables….no Elliott Ness or Al Capone here.

A 2011 French movie (subtitled), the story line didn’t sound promising: A wealthy French quadraplegic hires a black street punk as his personal caregiver and a great friendship develops. Ho hum. Adding insult to injury, the movie wasn’t even available on Netflix (no surprise there since Netflix in Canada is as emasculated as a palace eunuch). I would have to rent it from iTunes on my Apple TV.

John called and emailed several times to see if I had finally viewed it and sounded crestfallen when I told him I hadn’t had the time. But New Year’s Day turned out to be the perfect time. Minus 25C outside (-35C with the wind), 3 feet of snow on the ground, and the accumulated fatigue of holiday festivities plus travel to and from Orlando for a psych conference on the week-end, had left us exhausted and looking forward to pyjamas and a movie.

What can I say? IDIOT!!!! Why hadn’t I taken John’s advice and seen this months earlier? A terrific movie….no, let me correct that: A terrific “film”. Masterfully acted. No violence, contrivances, or gimmicks, yet capable of moving the viewer from laughter to tears and back again. A beautiful and satisfying ending. A must see. Thanks John.