It was bound to happen. The temptation to squeeze just a little more blood from the stone is just too tempting. While I get the need to pay for services like Facebook, it’s a challenge (for both users and owners of the site) to known where the line is and when it’s crossed. Of course, FB has had ads for years, nicely tucked away on the right side of the screen. If something struck your fancy, you could just click and explore it.

The last few weeks I’ve noticed something quite a bit more invasive: The “Suggested Post”. These are ads embedded as posts right in your newsfeed, as if they were from friends or sites you had “Liked”. They are not. They are blatant ads that have been selected based on your historical viewing pattern. Here’s an example.

So if you visit posts on biking and wine, you’ll get suggested posts related to those interests. It’s not necessarily a bad idea, but…..when do they become so pervasive that they irritate users away from FB? That’s the billion dollar question. And get this: If you don’t click on them after a while….they disappear! I tried showing them to a friend and they were all gone from my timeline after a day or two.

I’ve had about a dozen of these this week. Tolerable. But much more and I’ll be gone. Maybe I’ll go back to the phone and actually start talking to my friends on a regular basis. What a novel concept!